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Joshua Rhoades - September 21st

Dinner Lecture


“Out of Sight - A Look Into the Night Skies of Elkhart and the Midwest”

Joshua is a Professional Geologist with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency during the day, but at night turns his attention to the skies as an astrophotographer with a focus on deep-space objects and landscape astrophotos. Joshua uses the camera as a tool to collect photons during long exposures, thereby allowing him to bring to our eyes the objects in our night sky that are...out of sight. Joshua's deep-space and landscape astrophotography has been recognized with first place awards in local visual arts exhibits and has been featured in the magazines "Sky and Telescope" and BBC "Sky at Night."

Operating out of his home and taking advantage of the relatively dark skies of Elkhart, Joshua uses multiple telescopes and specialized cameras and equipment to capture ancient light in his deep-space astrophotographs. During various times of the year, Joshua goes mobile with his equipment, finding inspiration in the beauty of Elkhart and surrounding areas and composing beautiful (and arguably typical) Midwestern scenes beneath the starry sky.

Joshua will be speaking about the processes and techniques used to create deep-space and landscape astrophotographs and will be providing a look at the specialized equipment used, including several different types of telescopes9. Joshua's unique work will be on display for viewing and for sale as he describes and explains the beautiful celestial objects that reside above our heads in the night skies of Elkhart.


Elkhart Historical Society


"Thanks to a geographic anomaly created during the Ice Age, Elkhart Hill becomes a stunning sea
 of bluebells every spring that visitors can tour on just two or three Saturdays in April."

AND - dine at WildhareCafe  by Karen Sorensen    
8 Nov., '17 LDN: 
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                                   The Elkhart Historical Society’s
                         2018 Calendar              
featuring “ The Old Gillett Farm” 

 is available at the Country Bumpkin or at Horsefeathers, in Elkhart, Illinois.  If you have already renewed your membership, you may stop by and pick up your copy, and if you haven’t renewed, or were considering becoming a member, you may also do that at either of the above, for $20 for families, or $15 for Senior Citizen families.  With your membership you receive a free calendar.  Or for just a calendar $17 which includes a free membership,  postage and handling  check made payable to the Elkhart Historical Society  PO Box 255 Elkhart IL   62634
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ohn D. Gillett, whom the London Gazette dubbed “The Cattle King of the World”. Gillett and his grandson Hiram Keays won numerous awards at the Chicago livestock show. For many years in the late 1800's the town of Elkhart was one of the largest shipping points on the C&A (Chicago & Alton) Railroad, due to the large stock raising farms of John Dean Gillett. Noted for importing Durham cattle from Scotland and developing the Shorthorn cattle breed, Gillett shipped over 2,000 head of cattle and 1,000 head of hogs to Europe annually.

for much more information, go to -->  http://www.oldgillettfarm.org/history.shtml



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Elkhart Historical Society 2017


Dear EHS Members and Friends


As we once again prepare for the holidays, it is important to note how commitment can center our lives. Each family, clan, tribe, or even neighborhoods exhibit some form of this in their annual traditions, be it caroling, decorating the house, or some holiday fare. Ours is in the creation of our annual Christmas Candlelight Services, which have continued faithfully and have become a tradition for many of you. Our musicians and vocalists’ skills have become an integral part of the services, not to mention the narrators and behind the scenes writers, all of whom devote hours to the program that for so many “begins the Christmas season.”


This year’s Christmas Candlelight Services, “Keeping Christmas”, will be held Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 2:00, 4:00, 5:30, and 8:00 pm. As the number of seats are very limited, please call 217-947-2238 and make your reservation as soon as possible starting November 4. You may pair your reservation with a dining package which appears on the downloadable reservation form available at elkharthistoricalsociety.org. We hope to see you there!


During the past year, our flower and bird walks were somewhat interrupted by wet weather, but we made up for it with fabulous weather for our Fall Festival over Labor Day weekend. Many wagonloads of visitors took the tour up Elkhart Hill, as well as through the village. The festival involved numerous activities such as a Biscuit and Gravy Breakfast, a Swap Shop, a Bar-B-Q Contest, a Pie Baking Contest, and most exciting, the introduction of the new mural outside Horsefeathers, painted by Andrea Niehaus, Renee Sisk, and Peter Niehaus, and jointly sponsored by the Historical Society. There was music on the street all day by live musicians. The day was topped off by a complimentary wagon ride around the village for Elkhart’s senior citizens followed by dinner at the Wild Hare Cafe.


The Historical Society continues to provide the dinner lecture series throughout the year, which began in 2010. It continues to be well received, with some presenters being so popular that additional nights have been required to accommodate all the bookings!


Other praiseworthy items to mention would be YOU, our friends and members, without whom our efforts would be pointless. Thank you for your encouragement, participation and support throughout the year.


The coming of the New Year brings with it the 2018 calendar which celebrates the Old Gillett Farm, a historical landmark, and one which was occupied by descendants of John Dean Gillett for eight generations, starting in 1868.  The property is being sold in the near future, and marks the end of an era.. We hope you enjoy the photographs.


The Elkhart Historical Society Board:


Ann Anderson, President          Bob Albert, Vice President               Anne Morris, secretary

Gillette Ransom, treasurer

Trustees           Bev Albert                 Michael Morris                Bill Evans             Joyce Evans


To reserve space for a dinner lecture or walk for a group of six or more you may call 217.947.2238 prior to the reservation date noted on the web site.

 Payment will be accepted early for groups of 6+.  Upon confirmation of the reservation, payment must be received by EHS

within SEVEN DAYS or the reservation confirmation date or the tickets will be released.


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