“Back Over There - Elkhart’s Sacrifice in WWI”

Friday, June 14th, dinner lecture

Wildhare Cafe

Elkhart, IL.

WWI historian Paul Osman of Williamsville, who last November gave a stirring talk at the dedication of the Veteran’s Park in Elkhart, is the much-anticipated speaker.  Osman’s knowledge not only of the war, but also members of the Elkhart community who served in it, will take you back to an era that should not be forgotten. Osman has just returned from his 11th trip to the Western Front in France and Belgium.  During this recent trip, he visited the battlefields and graves of several Elkhart WWI soldiers. 

Come celebrate the memory of those who unselfishly gave to the war effort.

The event will take place at Horsefeather’s Wild Hare Café, and the doors will open at 5 pm.  The $40 cost covers a choice of coq au vin or pork tenderloin with wine and mushroom sauce, each served with savory rice, vegetables, dessert and beverage. The cost also includes a contribution to the Elkhart Historical Society. Space is limited thus reservations are

       The Finale of our March celebration of the Irish will be at the Gillett Chapel on Sunday March 24th starting at 2pm.   Celtic and old time Appalachian music will be played by “The Hillbilly Celts”,  featuring Dennis Cline, Joe Readnour,  and Dan Grover.


       Dennis Cline learned to play guitar and was influenced by Mississippian John Hurt’s folk music.  Fifteen years ago, he added playing the claw-hammer style banjo to his many talents.

Joe Readnour is a veteran piper who has played with various groups including the St. Andrew-Springfield Pipe Band for 10 years.  Dan Grover, a singer/songwriter, played both guitar and bass with the  Cactus Ranch Band, and loves to entertain.   These long-time musician friends will bring a lot of music to Elkhart on Sunday March 24.


"From Holland to Elkhart by way of Capetown”
Friday March 8th

   The Elkhart Historical Society announces its March dinner lecture entitled, "From Holland to Elkhart by way of Capetown,” with Peter Niehaus, which will be presented Friday March 8th at the Wild Hare Café in Elkhart, Illinois. Peter’s multi-faceted life began in Holland, one of eight children in the family who lived in a farming community occupied by the Nazis during the war. 

     He will recall events of his life there prior to the family immigrating to South Africa.  Once in South Africa, he completed his education receiving a degree in mechanical engineering, joined the SA navy and was assigned to submarine duty running various missions during the cold war, for a time being stationed in Toulon. As a civilian Peter worked for a Cape Town firm using his engineering skills, later starting his own building and restoration business.


     Dinner will be a sampling of two traditional South African dishes.  Each guest with have a portion of Bobotie and Malay Chicken Curry served with rice and a variety of Sambals which are sauces and relishes that accompany these dishes. Dessert will be trifle served with a splash of sherry or vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Iced teas and coffee are included.

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       On Friday, February 8th, The Elkhart Historical Society will offer their first dinner lecture of the 2019 series with the return of Karl Luthin, DVM.  Karl’s lectures always fill quickly due to his extraordinary life experiences and story-telling skills. Well known in the equine veterinarian practice with his daughter Kate and a skilled entrepreneur in gathering equipment, uniforms, tack, horses and rolling stock to supply movies with, Luthin continues to have an exciting life. His knowledge helps to insure the historic accuracy of the equipment or costumes being used.

       Luthin’s talk will cover a variety of venues including stories from many of the different movies in which he has been involved, including reenacting, veterinarian services, props, and problem solving- - such as how to get a horse off the elevated platform in Chicago’s loop. Just ask Karl about his fleet of Conestoga wagons and you will get a taste of the charisma that surrounds this man.

       The program will be held at Horsefeather’s Wild Hare Café, with doors opening at 5:00p.  The cost of $40 per person includes a choice of entrees, Chicken Cordon Bleu or Roast Pork Tenderloin with a wine and mushroom sauce.  Both choices serve d with creamy herbed potatoes, baby carrots and green beans and freshly baked dinner roll and dessert.  The all-inclusive price covers the price of the meal, tip, taxes and a $10 donation to the Elkhart Historical Society for the program. 


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