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March 2009 The view from Elkhart Hill  - "A town of enduring character at the crossroads of history" 
by Rick Wade

feb 12, 201 Elkhart Hill - "Little Town on the Prairie"



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2nd Talk on South Africa
December 23rd Annual Christmas Candle Light Performance
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St. John's Chapel - Elkhart Cemetery

1890 St. John The Baptist Chapel

Old Episcopalian Chapel

The Route 66 town of Elkhart, Illinois (Logan County) is the home of the 1915 John P. Gillett Memorial Bridge.  The solid concrete bridge was included in Landmarks
Illinois' 2005 "Ten Most Endangered Historic Places" in an Illinois listing.  The Elkhart Historical Society was responsible for the preservation and restoration
of the arch bridge, and it is now considered stabilized.  The bridge is located on County Road 10, just east of downtown Elkhart.