Elkhart April Flower and Bird walks wrap up on the 30th

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[April 15, 2016]  ELKHART - The Elkhart Historical Society announces its grand finale of the April flower and bird season. On Saturday April 30, two walks will be offered (6 a.m. and 4 p.m.) accompanied by three expert birders, Dr. Lara Borgerson, Joe Funk, and Rhetta Jack, who last year helped to identify more than 60 varieties of birds.

At 10 a.m., a combination bird and flower walk will take place, allowing people to not only see the birds, but also the final days of the ephemeral spring flowers.

Upon returning to the village, a luncheon presentation on Illinois birds, entitled “Mythbusting and Trash Talk”, will be provided by University of Illinois Extension Master Naturalist Dr. Pam Moriearty. As human activity has changed the Illinois landscape over the last 200 years, many native bird species have been affected. However, the story is not a simple one, and Moriearty will follow the fate of a number of familiar species, some in steep decline and others thriving. What causes such differences in outcome, and what can we do to help our birds to prosper?

Moriearty looks at results of long term studies by the Illinois Natural History Survey to give us insights into these avian success stories. Also, she notes, “A lot of humans are orderly creatures of habit, just as are many bird species. It turns out that being flexible and a little laid back is good for our health and actually can be a big help to the birds, too.”

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For reservations and information on any or all of these events, please go to: elkharthistoricalsociety.org.

Space is limited on these events, and reservations are required -- for questions please call 217 899 2238.

[J. Rob Wilson]

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